About Us

BarriHeadshotMy name is Barri Landau Nolin and I was born, bred, and raised in Atlanta.

After a degree in Business Finance at the Univ. of Maryland, I went back to college for a second degree in Horticulture in Atlanta. I began Forever Flower Bouquet Preservation in 1994 when my mother, Fran Landau (An Event planner for over 30 years), was looking for a service that would help her brides save their wedding flowers.  They wanted to preserve and cherish their memories of their wedding day and hence, FFBP was born. We started off pressing flowers in large oversized wallpaper books with special water absorbant papers between the  printed pages. Today, we have come much farther in our technologies.

My customized boutique approach allows my company to personalize every one of your floral keepsakes. My company has done thousands of these framed floral pieces and our goal is to provide a classic piece of artwork that speak personally to who you are. There are over 50 choices for frames and materials such as backgrounds for full bouquets as well just a part of your event flowers. We can include a picture, ribbons, boutonniere , and invitations along with anything else that is fairly flat.  These choices are done at our studio in Roswell. This is a meeting held 60-75 days after the receipt of your flowers. We can always work through the website as well. If your wedding has already occurred and you didn’t preserve your bouquet, we can still recreate it using a really good photograph.  This is a fabulous gift for a loved one that can be treasured and appreciated for years to come. Please check out our portfolio, facebook , blog as well as Frequently Asked Questions Pages for more information.   Call if we can be of service to you at 770-640-8977.

Barri Nolin