Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do you need the flowers ?

The fresher the flowers, the better the outcome will be.  The best situation is 1-4 days after the wedding/event and the flowers should refrigerated (not in freezer) until they are brought to me or shipped. (See shipping instructions if needed)

Where do I keep the flowers until I see you ?

In the refrigerater upright in a vase is the best option.  Never put the flowers in a freezer. This will ruin them.

How long will it take to preserve my wedding flowers ?

From start to finish, 4 months.  If you live out of town, we will make every effort to see you for a layout and design meeting when you come visit or we will help you with choices via online.

What is a layout and design meeting ?

This is a meeting held about 60-75 days after your wedding. You will select  a frame, background and decide what to include in your flower keepsake. This usually happens in our Roswell office.   For your convenience, we take appointments on weekends as well as during the week. You can include a picture, ribbons and invitation along with anything else that is fairly flat.

How much does it cost to preserve my flowers ?

Partial bouquet  framed pieces begin at $195.00 and full bouquets average $395.00-$450.00  based on the size of the bouquet and the frame that you  choose.  We have a large selection of materials and frames.

How long will the flowers last ?

Based on where you hang it in your home and how fresh the flowers are when we begin the process,  Forever Flower Bouquets  will do everything to ensure your bouquet will last a lifetime.  We do not encourage you to expose this piece to direct sunlight or humid bathroom conditions.

Will my bouquet look the same when it is dried ?

You cannot expect the flowers to look exactly the same.  When necessary, the flowers are treated with tempura chalks and other techniques to enhance their colors.  Reds go darker and whites go to an ivory tone. This piece of artwork will be a memory that you will cherish forever.

How much does it cost to ship the flowers ?

Using overnite Priority UPS or FEDEX, you can anticipate approximately $50-$75, based on where you are in the United States.

Shipping your bouquet.

If you are not within driving distance of our shop in Roswell, GA, it will be necessary for you to ship your wedding flowers overnite. The bouquet should be stored in the refrigerator upright until shipping within 3-6 days of your wedding.

Time is not your friend so we would strongly recommend Priority shipping with FedEx, which delivers the flowers by 10 am the next morning or UPS that also does a very good job of delivering before noon.

Donot put water on your flowers. Wrap a paper towel around the flowers  and place in a box slightly bigger than the bouquet. Use crushed newspapers and packing peanuts to fill the box.  If you have a blue frozen ice pack, this can be taped to the base of the flowers to keep the box cool. The key is to stabilize the bouquet so it will not shift in route to our studio.

Do not indicate that I must sign for the package when it is delivered. It is very easy to miss these drivers.

Contact us to let us know your bouquet is be shipped. Forever flowers can be reached at 770-640-8977 or 770-490-2905.

Enclose in a plastic bag the $150.00 deposit to Forever Flowers with your name, email address, and best numbers to reach you.

Treasured Memories for a Lifetime

Since 1994, Forever Flower Bouquets  has been preserving, pressing and framing bridal bouquets and event flowers.  We transform flowers from your special day into a cherished work of art.

We pride ourselves on quality and  individualized attention to each client that uses our services.  We do, however, think that it is all about the bride because she and her flowers are the main focus on their wedding day.  We can preserve all or part of her flowers to create a keepsake that will last for many years to come.

If your wedding has already occurred and you did not save your bouquet, do not worry.  We can recreate a piece for you with a really good photograph.  This is a fabulous gift for a loved one that they will treasure and appreciate for decades.

Take a look at our Gallery to see examples of bridal flower arrangements.


Prices start at $195.00 for 11” x 14 “ pieces and

$350-$475.00 for full bouquets.  These prices vary based on alternative custom sizes of the frame and bouquet.

Deposits are $150.00 that come with or before flowers are received.

2nd deposit of $150.00 or balance at Layout and Design meeting 60-75 days after the wedding or phone consult.

3rd final payment with shipping or pickup if needed.